How To Hire Seo Freelancer In Mumbai

Planning to hire SEO freelancer? 8 tips you should keep in mind:

In this digital era, one should keep in mind that everything should Be keep in check.When you hire SEO freelancer you might have different questions in your mind. I am going to help you, how to hire SEO freelancer in Mumbai or any other part of India with the best tips.


#1)  Keep your questions ready: 

Before Consulting any person just keep your questions ready regarding what services you are taking from him or her this will save your time and you will get the clarity about  whether  he is able to provide you a solution or not.  let’s see a set of example:


*What is your experience in the field?

*Have you ranked any website?

*Could you show me some of the keywords which are ranking on the first or second page?


So if you see,the above questions are direct questions, and he is bound to show you his results.  This will eventually save time and you may get an idea whether this consultant is good for you or not.


#2) When you hire SEO freelancer, Check the services : 

In the market you may see different SEO service providers with different numbers of rates.  check what services he or she is giving and what value they are providing to you.


Check the quality because you may find a number of service providers who may use Black hat techniques to rank your keywords. Now what is blackhat technique? Blackhat technique is something which is banned by Google.


You May be shown by freelancers, their rankings within some time but you must understand that seo is a slow process and no person in the world can tell you that he will rank your website on 1st page within one month or within 10 days. It is a slow process and it will take a minimum 4 – 5 months to rank on a particular page.Keep that in mind!


#3) Always check the payment policy

hire SEO freelancer

There are cases where freelancers in the market can ask you for full payment in advance or at least half payment in advance.

Never do this. I would suggest, you should have a constant consultation with him and once you maintain a particular understanding you can opt for his payment policy.

This process will help you keep your consultant in check. Once you develop a relation, you may consider his policy later.This is a tried and tested policy.


#4) What is the SEO strategy?

In the market, different SEO consultants may have different strategies of course as per the nature of the website and product. when you hire SEO freelancer or consultant,Whatever strategy he is suggesting you, always note down and practice it and apply on your site.This will help you know whether the strategy is working or not and whether to continue with a SEO consultant or not.


#5) Hire SEO freelancers who can help you generate leads:

It is proven that leads generated through SEO have a higher rate of conversion. Do you know why? Because it is a pull marketing. That means the user himself types a particular keyword on Google and he finds you on Google and travels to your website.Any query  generated by a user in your website has a higher level of conversion rate so do not miss it.


So to generate a lead, your SEO consultant should have a particular set of keywords. So you should check those keywords and discuss with him why he has chosen that keyword and what value those keywords have.What is the search volume and what is the competition. This will give you an idea what keyword strategy your SEO freelancer or consultant is using. 


#6) Content Strategy:

When you hire SEO freelancer or consultant, ask him how you would target an audience and what would be the content strategy.  his common answer should be, the content would be written in SEO way. 


Now what does he/she mean? it means the content would revolve around the keywords.Content would not be written in a traditional way. it will have a certain amount of keywords, related keywords, very short and crisp  information to the point and the content will always be dominated by relevance.


#7) Onpage and Offpage Strategy:

When opting for SEO, one should have a clear documented strategy about how he or she will do onpage SEO and off page SEO.


On page SEO includes; optimising H1 tag, subheadings, paraphrasing, using keywords,  interlinking,  outbound linking,  image Optimisation,  schema markup etc.


Offpage SEO includes generating quality backlinks from high domain authority and page authority sites.  you may use directory submission social bookmarking profile Creations image submission infographics, guest posting article submission,PDF  sharing etc.


From the above strategy one may successfully rank your website and within a certain period of time he/she can bring your website or page on Google’s first page.


#8) Does your consultant educate you:

hire SEO freelancer


Any consultant should educate his client about his workings. How day to day activity is carried out in the project. What are the technicalities that should be kept in mind and how to cope with it.






I hope above 8 tips will help you hire best SEO freelancer for your project. You can also hire seo consultant from us with affordable seo packages

# Fun fact: Leads generated through SEO has 80-90% chances to convert.


Most Popular Questions:


A) How soon I can hire seo consultant?
-You can hire within hour.


B) How soon my keywords can get ranked?
-Keywords can rank within 4-5 months.


C) Can I hire SEO Consultant for monthly basis?
– Yes.